All About the We Create Problems

All About the We Create Problems

We Create Problems (WeCP) is a SaaS solution for tech and staffing companies that helps them evaluate the skills of potential candidates. The software uses automated testing to measure and challenge candidates’ problem-solving and coding skills. It also helps recruiters identify the best candidates for technical roles.

We Create Problems was founded by Jon Naugle, a technical director at a nonprofit organization. He had twenty-five years of experience in agriculture and brought this expertise to his new role as the technical director. He was backed by a team of specialists with knowledge of local market conditions and critical issues related to drinking water delivery.

Software platform to create and customize skill assessments

The WeCP platform enables you to create and customize skill assessments quickly and easily. It features a question bank with over 200 thousand unique questions covering a range of tech skills. The software also lets you use AI-powered auto-code completion for coding assessments.

The platform has a wide range of features, such as a free trial for a maximum of 10 questions. It also features powerful analytics for tracking responses. The free trial allows for up to forty survey responses, 10 questions, and some customization. You can also use the platform for virtual interviews, walk-ins, hiring, hackathons, and more.

It is important to keep in mind that each business is different, and the right software will depend on your specific needs. Make a list of the major aspects of your investigation, and then read Wecreateproblems reviews and check out other solutions to decide if it is the right fit for your needs.

Qualified’s services are particularly helpful for companies hiring developers. Its testing methodology is closely modeled after the actual work environment, which means it will provide better predictions of job performance. It works best for companies that need to screen candidates for a range of technical skills, such as software development and design. It can identify areas of weakness in developers and provide the necessary support to ensure a positive hiring experience.

The stage has many highlights, like a free preliminary for a limit of 10 inquiries. It additionally includes a strong investigation of the following reactions. The free preliminary takes into consideration up to forty review reactions, 10 inquiries, and some customization. You can likewise involve the stage for virtual meetings, walk-ins, recruiting, and hackathons, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

It is essential to remember that every business is unique, and the right programming will rely upon your particular necessities. Make a rundown of the significant parts of your examination, and afterward read Wecreateproblems surveys and look at different answers to choose if it is an ideal choice for your necessities.

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